Cloud Platform

The future of cloud computing is now

The use of information technology has been institutionalized as one of the most important business enablers, as well as a strategic tool that will redefine all business principles. As a result of the emergence of cloud platforms, new business solutions have been developed in many organizations and industries around the world. The existing business models need to be modified in order to maximize the potential of cloud platforms, and in most countries of the world, new business models based on cloud platforms are currently being developed. The emerging platform economy requires high levels of flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. It is possible for businesses to meet their demands through a dynamic cloud computing environment, which provides a variety of real-time services.

Cloud computing with features such as services according to needs, independent of the location of resources, flexibility and payment according to use, and providing storage space and high-performance infrastructure can be suitable to meet the growing needs of organizations. Our cloud platform offers reliable, efficient, simple, localized, and green services.

We specialize in IaaS, PaaS, BaaS, and DaaS layers of public and private clouds.

The Advantages of Using Our Cloud Platform

  • Customization: We offer a wide range of cloud-based solutions that are natively developed. As a result, we possess the knowledge and experience necessary to efficiently tailor our services to the needs of our customers.
  • Free license-based solutions: Our cloud platform provides license-free solutions. As a result, our customers will not have to pay a separate license fee.
  • Flexible payment: Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) is available for our platform customers. If needed, this group is ready to provide encrypted payments to users.
  • Simplified solutions: We ensure our users to easily implement their functions, while our platform manages the complexities on the backend.
  • Complete solutions: Customers can choose from an array of cloud computing solutions including SaaS, PaaS, BaaS, DaaS, and VDI. By conducting continuous research and development, our group strives to provide new technologies to its customers.
  • High reliability: Our solutions are designed to be reliable and scalable.
  • Technical Characteristics of Our Cloud Platform
  • Firewall: By using your dedicated firewall, you can easily secure your infrastructure and determine what access is allowed between your machines and the outside world. Furthermore, you can group your devices and apply specific rules to each group.
  • Backup (Snapshot): Backups of your machines can be made at any time. These backups can be converted into operational copies with just a few clicks. As a result, you will no longer have to worry about losing important information.
  • VM Scalability: Don’t worry about allocating resources to your virtual machines anymore. You can increase or decrease the resources allocated to your virtual machines at any time.
  • Template Instances: Our cloud platform has prepared many frequently used virtual machines for you. Save your time using these template virtual machines. You can activate these virtual machines with a few clicks and enjoy your cloud services.
  • Monitoring: You can monitor your machines easily. Through our application, you can enjoy 24×7 service and support services.
  • DNS as a Service: Directing your domains to your desired servers will no longer require complex configurations and settings. With just a few clicks, transfer your domains to the servers you want and make all the settings you need for DNS.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: We offer a pricing model that allows you to pay for resources based on how many hours you utilize them. Also, if you reserve more resources or use them more frequently, you’ll pay less per hour.
  • Let’s Encrypt: Setting up security certificates (SSL and TSL) is time-consuming. With our platform, make the settings you want to use security certificates and secure your communications with just a few clicks.
  • Cluster Deployment: How many identical virtual machines do you want? You don’t need to go through the steps from the beginning every time to create the same virtual machines. Instead, it is enough to duplicate as many identical virtual machines as you need with a few clicks.
  • Cloud Controller: To eliminate the effects of disruptions without involving the system users, the virtual machines are distributed among the servers of our collection, so that in the event of a disruption in a server, the service delivery to users would not be disturbed.
  • Load Balancer: LBaaS is one of the best solutions to increase reliability and availability. This method divides your system’s input load among different machines. You can use Round Robin or Failover algorithms.
  • Object Storage: Store information easily. Object Storage stores and accesses information simply and with maximum reliability.
  • Disaster Recovery: By activating Disaster Recovery in your user panel, a Live Backup is prepared from your virtual machine and automatically operated if your primary machine is unavailable.
  • Orchestration: As with a harmonious symphony, you can create a set of automated processes. This will enable you to automate all your processes.
  • External Disk: Volume is a memory that you can connect to your machines like an external disk and perform various operations such as moving information between databases of VMs or limited backup of virtual machines.
  • Shelve VM: By using this feature, you can store your virtual machines for an extended period of time at a relatively low cost, so that you may access them as needed.
  • Dedicated Cluster: Launch a dedicated Kubernetes cluster with just three clicks. In addition to high stability, this tool can provide a test environment similar to the real production environment for developers in the shortest time. With this service, you can have a dedicated cluster for all your team members as needed so that they can test the changes applied to their code. You can increase the power of your cluster with just a few clicks. The number of servers assigned to your cluster can initially have limited resources, and you can upgrade your cluster as your traffic grows.
  • ci/cd Tools: adding changes to the project and testing and implementing it without any special tools will be a challenging and time-consuming process for you. Our cloud platform helps you to implement the project with minimal interference and in the shortest possible time by providing software development and test automation tools. You can automate the distribution and testing of your products on a Kubernetes server or cluster from start to finish without any restrictions on the number of projects and users. From software testing to product release, everything is done on clouds. Build a robust pipeline in just minutes with our ready-made plugins.
  • Infrastructure for Running and Building Docker Software: In addition to launching the dedicated services of our cloud platform, you can upload and run your own Docker image on our hub. It is also possible to access this service from the organizational domain. You can also install optimized software as a service on your server with just three clicks. If you desire, you can access the server directly with the IP and password that will be emailed to you, but you can install and manage the software with our cloud platform dashboard.