Mobile Connect Secure Identity Solution

People are either asleep or connected

As digital services are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, we see an increasing number of websites and mobile applications that provide various services to users. User information must be securely registered before using any of these platforms for delivering goods and services. Mobile Connect enables mobile users to share sensitive data and conduct transactions in an easy and secure manner. Through this solution, secure, fast, global, and cost-effective authentication, authorization, and authentication can be achieved. This service is used for a variety of purposes, including the following.

Payment gateways, stock exchange and investment, international payment, mobile bank applications and electronic banking, validation security, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, crypto generators, crowdfunding platforms, platform accounting and personal financial management, instant confirmation service and direct withdrawal, cardless withdrawal, instant confirmation services, and currency price news platforms.

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA) provides this standard to enable digital service providers to identify the user and retrieve the information they require by using the user’s mobile phone number and connecting to a set of interfaces.

Technical Features of Our Mobile Connect Solution

With the support of our international partners, we developed and implemented SIM-based Authentication, Identity Verification, and Authorization services (LoA2 and LoA3) in compliance with GSMA global standards. Our solution can be delivered via SIM card applet, SMS + URL, and email. In accordance with GSMA guidelines, several identity modes can be implemented simultaneously. It is possible for each identity mode to communicate with the user through the ID Gateway and receive interaction from the user. For more sensitive cases, such as banking and government services, a unique key-based encryption method has been developed to provide high levels of security. A variety of services may be provided to the user.

Authentication: It is possible to authenticate the user based on what he knows, what he has, and what he does.

Authorization: Permission is granted for access based on the authentication.

Identity verification: The user’s identity information can be shared with the digital service provider. This permission is obtained based on four stages of; request, permission, agreement, and sharing. First, the service provider requests the identity information of the end user. Mobile Connect authenticates the end user and requests their consent to share identity information with the service provider. In this step, the end user agrees that the operator will share the user’s identity data, and finally, the identity data will be shared with the service provider.

Advantages of Using Our Mobile Connect Solution

  • High security using the STK Applet platform under the SIM card.
  • Ease of use in a variety of application.
  • Independent of the type of mobile phone (it can be implemented on both smart phones and feature phones).
  • Remote system management by OTA Platform.
  • Using only one password verified offline in the applet under the SIM card.

Our Mobile Connect Application Areas

  • Providing Mobile Connect in mobile government services (such as registration and authentication).
  • Providing Mobile Connect in insurance services and records of employees and pensioners such as login and registration and authentication in the social security system.
  • Providing Mobile Connect in healthcare services and health systems such as entry, registration, and filing.
  • Mobile Connect Login services in virtual banking: this service replaces the login process with a username and password.
  • Providing Mobile Connect Authentication service in banking applications: this service can be utilized in banking applications as an identity verification platform for entering and granting permission to bank customers and other service providers.
  • Payment and creation of internet transaction: in this method, the payment confirmation process using Mobile Connect replaces dynamic passwords.
  • Instant confirmation and direct withdrawal service: confirmation of direct withdrawal for paying monthly bills such as water, electricity, and telephone, confirmation of SIM card recharge and permanent SIM card bill for yourself and others, confirmation of renewal of active operator services, confirmation of payment of internet subscription fee, confirmation Paying for VOD subscription using the Mobile Connect.
  • Withdraw money without a bank card from an ATM: using a mobile number instead of an account number and confirming and entering a password. This Mobile Connect service will make the process of withdrawing money without a card by the person or remittance for the withdrawal of another person very easy.
  • Authentication when contacting the support center: The Mobile Connect service can be used as an authentication platform for entering the call center and receiving customer support services.
  • Completing the registration process to receive digital services without the need to enter personal information: This Mobile Connect service provides specific information by obtaining permission from users and replaces filling out registration forms, making the process very simple, fast, and secure.
  • Purchase of SIM cards from operators: this Mobile Connect service is used to verify applicants’ identity for purchasing the second or more SIM cards.