Wireless Networks Optimizations Suite (ATS)

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Our monitoring, management & optimizing wireless networks Suite (ATS)

Communication service providers (CSPs) place a high priority on improving their customers’ experiences, and the advent of 5G will make this task even more challenging. The performance of the network is dependent on the behavior of the customers. In other words, if we evaluate networks in ways that are not compatible with the way our customers use them, we are not able to determine whether our efforts are resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

With our monitoring, management & optimizing wireless networks Suite (ATS), you can perform network testing and optimization proactively, accelerating the resolution of network issues before they affect your customers. Additionally, it allows you to collect high-fidelity data, which allows you to gain a much better understanding of the state of your network. ATS offers elastic data pipeline functionality that is deployed on the cloud. All test data from the handsets is processed in an automated manner, and all processing functions are scalable, which allows you to manage billions of events simultaneously. Orchestration, test data, and analytics are all managed over the cloud, enabling true autonomy in your testing operations.

As of right now, the current solutions only provide some aspects of telecom projects, and for the rest, we must purchase software from other suppliers to avoid causing confusion among our staff. ATS enables you to meet all your needs in a single platform. We provide services to small (Subcontractors), medium (MVOs) and large companies (Operators). To improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs, we provide office & field management and business process reengineering services.

You can benefit from ATS modules by having a clear vision of your network and projects, identifying bottlenecks and deficiencies, and assessing your staff and subcontractors at a lower cost.

The ATS suite includes 3 main modules:

  • AFS (Advanced Field Solution)
  • Atoll Management
  • PLANO (Intelligent Optimization and Planning Tool)


Our Products

Our products include; Smart Audit , Drive Test Management (DTM) , Transmission , Online Log-File Post Processing , EMWDM Management,  Preventive Maintenance (PM) Management,  RAN and Transmission and Core Performance Management , OSS and Core and Transmission Configuration Management , Atoll Management (RAN and Transmission), and  Planning and Post process.

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