Evaluation of SIM Cards and Mobile Applications

The future speaks eSIM

Our SIM card testing and evaluation group has designed and implemented the necessary platforms to provide consulting and type approval services on SIM cards and other smart cards. With a high level of scientific knowledge and valuable experiences in smart cards evaluation, we have acted as a reliable consultant for mobile operators for more than a decade. Our laboratory (VASL) is a SIM card testing center with many international clients. It has the required infrastructure, equipment, technical knowledge, and valuable experiences in the field of testing the structure, capabilities, standards, and security of smart cards (especially SIM cards), mobile phones, and mobile phone applications and training courses for technical teams.

Since the beginning of its activity (2007), this laboratory has had the task of testing, evaluating, and rating SIM cards from international vendors participating in the tenders of mobile phone operators such as MCI (from 2010 to now), Rightel (from 2011 to now) and Irancell (since 1999) and has evaluated more than 200 million SIM cards from vendors such as Gemalto, Oberthur, Valid, Samsung, Oasis and G&D. This laboratory is also considered as the leading consultant in other related fields such as setting the technical specifications of LTE, M2M and NFC SIM cards.

Services for SIM Card Testing

  • Providing technical comparison reports, management, and technical ranking of SIM cards.
  • Testing the general characteristics and file system of the SIM card.
  • Providing compliance test with GP, Java Card, 3GPP, and ETSI standards.
  • Functionality test of RFM and SIM card RAM.
  • Smart card memory test.
  • Testing encryption and authentication algorithms (Milenage and TUAK).
  • Testing of essential value-added services.
  • SIM card speed test.
  • SIM card functionality test on a collection of popular phones.

Services for eSIM Technology

eSIM is the latest emerging technology to provide SIM card services. It is expected that by 2025, the mobile network will have 25.2 billion devices equipped with this technology, with an economic value of 4.8 trillion dollars (nearly 5% of the world’s gross domestic product). The eSIM ecosystem conforms to GSMA standards to create seamless connectivity for all devices. As a result, providing network services through eSIM has become a powerful tool to develop flexibility, mobility, convenience, and freedom of choice in the mobile phone industry.

eSIM Ecosystem Based on GSMA Standards

  • Investigating the existing eSIM global market, considering security risks and hazards.
  • Studying eSIM equipment and hardware in Consumer and M2M solutions and suggesting a suitable solution for implementation.
  • Providing consulting services in setting technical specifications and evaluation of tender participants.

Fifth Generation Mobile Phone Network (5G) Services

The fifth generation mobile network, or 5G, is a very high-speed and low-delay mobile communications technology and is now the latest generation of SIM cards. It offers data transfer speed up to 20 gigabits per second (one gigabit per second for each user), expanding the service capacity for network users (more users), reducing network delay, and optimizing power consumption in network equipment and user devices. Our SIM card testing and evaluation group provide consulting in recognizing and implementing 5G services for mobile phone operators. We offer:

  • Architecture verification based on the 3GPP standard.
  • Providing consulting on SIM card services.
  • Verifying the changes related to the SIM card compared to the previous generation.
  • Providing consulting services in setting technical specifications and evaluation of tender participants