Storage Area Network (SAN)

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Our storage systems (SANs)

In the modern world, the information of an organization is one of the most valuable assets of that organization. Information storage and its proper protection and exploitation have become one of the most important concerns of all organizations as information production expands in all fields. Consequently, it is essential to use a storage device that will provide durability and speed of access as required by the organization.

Using powerful Intel Xeon processors and advanced architectures and caching, our storage equipment provides high-speed storage and access to data for large organizations. Through the integration of different types of communication protocols, including FC, Ethernet and iSCSI, this equipment provides an integrated platform for simultaneous block and file access. Additionally, redundancy within different layers of software and hardware, modern design, cooperation with well-known manufacturers of hardware components, and implementing advanced and intelligent capabilities in accordance with the latest technologies in the world make our storage systems unique. This equipment provides a safe, fast, reliable and flexible platform for maintaining the organization’s data.

Advantages of our storage systems

  • Smart storage with advanced features
  • Can compete with well-known products
  • 24×7 direct support
  • Data recovery in crisis situations
  • Compatible with all types of SAN switches

Our All-Flash storage system (AFA)

By using the latest technology of SSD drives at a reasonable price, our all-flash equipment (AFA) provides a very high speed in accessing and managing the organization’s data. The product is designed for large organizations and provides functions requiring a high level of data storage and retrieval speed.

All-Flash storage system features

  • High number of online transactions (e.g., banks, stock exchanges, telecommunications).
  • 99.9995% availability level
  • High speed in accessing information (up to 500K IOPS)
  • Suitable for database environments, virtual servers, Enterprise systems, cloud computing platforms, and Deep Learning algorithms
  • Suitable for Latency-Sensitive environments

Our HB storage system

With our HB storage equipment, we provide high efficiency and reliability for the organization. Their high speed access, data management, security, and expandability make them an ideal platform for storing the organization’s data.

Features of HB storage system

  • Suitable for medium and large organizations
  • A balanced solution to cover all the applications of the organization
  • 99.9995% availability level
  • High speed in accessing information (up to 400K IOPS)
  • Suitable for database environments, virtual servers, virtual desktop & cloud computing
  • Providing a guarantee of device performance

Our DT storage system

Our DT equipment is designed specifically for storing CCTV camera images as well as backing up data. The ability to support a variety of protocols and formats for storing camera images, as well as compatibility with more than 100 brands of CCTV cameras, make DT equipment a great choice for storing CCTV images in organizations. Additionally, this equipment may be used as a disk-based backup repository for organizations.

Features of DT storage system

  • Specialized equipment for Video Recording and Backup
  • Availability level of 99.998%
  • Up to 5000MBps data writing and reading speed
  • High security in maintaining the organization’s data
  • Cost-effective